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30 Years of Delivering Quality

For over 30 years, Aqua Data has advanced the design and build of electromagnetic velocity meters, serving the needs of its customers both in the UK and overseas. Our products are used by professional hydrologists, universities and other academic institutions, agriculture and fisheries, and in environmental control and metrology.

Exceptional Accuracy

All Aqua Data meters use the electromagnetic principle, giving you the greatest accuracy from true zero to several metres per second, with maximum flexibility in both clean and dirty water.


The unique probe design has no moving parts, allowing you to efficiently complete your work with low vulnerability to fouling in sewers, or snagging on weeds in rivers.

Maintenance Free

The ability of our instruments to make accurate readings in turbid water, even with suspended solids, is a unique and compelling advantage to environmental professionals.


Having no moving parts means the instruments are maintenance free and calibrated for life. They are suitable for very shallow water, and may be used as portable instruments or in permanent installations.

Aqua Data Water Flow
Aqua Data Still Water

Quality & Value

Our aim is to provide high-level customer service, innovation and value. We are constantly optimising and improving our instruments and are currently developing new hydrology instruments in response to customer needs.

Customised Options

Our water velocity meters can be customised to specific customer requirements, including customising software, modifying accessories such as special length probes, and adding special features as multi language capabilities or unique customer protocols.


With our expertise and flexible approach to the requirements of our customers, we relish the challenge of developing bespoke instruments for specific applications, ensuring we deliver exactly what you need.

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