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FloStick RC4

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 Quick, Easy and Accurate Measurements 

FloStick RC4

The Aqua Data FloStick RC4 Water Velocity Meter is a stand-alone instrument comprising velocity probe, wading rod and display housing, all in a single integrated package. 

It uses the Faraday principle of electromagnetic induction and advanced analogue and digital electronics to offer an accurate, robust and low cost method of measuring water velocity, and logging data for later analysis.

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Key Features

  • Wider measurement range from true zero to 2m/s (3m/s optional)

  • Reverse or saturated flow is indicated

  • Exceptional sensitivity, ideal for measurements in very shallow and sluggish flows

  • Equally accurate in clean or dirty water

  • Small probe permits measurement close to fluid surface and channel bed or pipeline wall

  • Unaffected by temperature variations and changes in density or suspended sediment

  • Unique probe design for low vulnerability to fouling by weeds in rivers, or ragging up in sewers

  • No moving parts and maintenance free

  • Calibrated for life if maintained correctly

  • Accuracy of 2% of reading, typically +/- 30mm/sec 

Quick & Convenient

Simply remove the FloStick RC4 from its carry bag, and it is ready to use in seconds!

The enormous advantages of the Faraday method compared with other methods such as ultrasonic or Doppler are well established.


This one-piece integrated instrument offers a unique and convenient tool for making quick, easy and accurate measurements without any on-site setup, configuration or calibration being necessary.

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Technical Specifications

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RC4 Technical
FloStick RC4

Polyamide hi-visibility case sealed to IP65, with graphic LCD and encoder interface to make measurement and control easy with one hand.

In-built data logger with 2000 data points with time-stamp (expandable to 14000 data points).


Control box approx: 

170x110x200mm (incl. handle)


Probe rod: approx. 900mm


Probe 20x30x100mm

Power supply

Built-in 5200mA-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery

Optional extras

FloStick Plus offers greater logging storage, increased max velocity recordings, greater accuracy and provision to plug in remote probe

Velocity range

Calibrated from 0.000 to 2.000m/s 




144x32 graphic LCD with blue backlight, readable in bright sunlight


> 30 hours continuous use




-10C to +50C


FloStick will float in water

Incl. accessories

Shoulder carry bag, battery charger

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